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* KIRARI FUJIMI is the pet name of the Centre. KIRARI is a Japanese imitative word which means “shining” and “sparkling”.

Artistic director
Cultural Centre of Fujimi City (CCFC), KIRARI FUJIMI, is a cultural complex founded by Fujimi city in 2002.
Oriza Hirata (playwright and director) was appointed to be the first artistic director of CCFC in 2003. He had stayed for 5 years in CCFC. The second artistic director was Yorozu Ikuta (2007-10, playwright and director). Junnosuke Tada (director) has succeeded the position of artistic director since April 2010.
The artistic directors have respectively been trying to enhance creativities of CCFC’s productions by introducing unique artistic directions and encouraging cultural activities by local people by providing supports and educational programs to them.

The future of Japanese Theatre lies in individuality" interview of Junnosuke Tada, Japan Times, July 14, 2011

Spaces in CCFC
CCFC is consisted of several spaces for activities of theatre, dance, music and fine arts.
For theatre, dance and music performance, there are two venues: the Main Hall (800 seats: proscenium type) and Multiple Hall (250 seats: black box type).
There are also an “atelier” and two “galleries” for photography, painting, ceramic art, flower arrangement and so forth; and 4 “studios” for rehearsals of music and dance.

Associate Artist
Since April this year, CCFC has introduced a new approach to shape our programs; that is “Associate Artist” who works with the director and staffs of CCFC to create innovative performing arts. Associate Artist also works with local people to develop unique art form and projects which can develop culturally wealthy environment in the region of Fujimi city.
Now we are working with five Associate Artists in CCFC.
Those artists’ names are;

Min Tanaka (dancer and choreographer)
Makoto Yano (composer)
Ai Nagai (playwright and director)
Momoko Shiraga (dancer and choreographer)
Yutaka Tanoue (playwright and director)

Fujimi city
Fujimi city is located in the south part of Saitama prefecture next to Tokyo. Population of the city is about 107,600.
Fujimi city is comprised of two different areas that are residential district and faming land. The latter area has still kept a wealthy natural environment.
The train station near by CCFC is Tsuruse station on Tobu-Tojo line. By train to Tsuruse station, it takes approximately 30 minutes from Ikebukuro terminal station in the centre area of Tokyo.

Director: Kentaro Matsui
Artistic director: Junnosuke Tada
Chief production officer: Satoshi Yano
Production officer: Chihiro Nakaide, Aya Tsuzuki, Yu Takahashi

[Cultural Centre of Fujimi City in Japanese]  Fujimi Shimin Bunka Kaikan / KIRARI FUJIMI

Address 1803-1, Oaza tsuruma,Fujimisi,Saitama,354-0021
Tel +81-49-268-7788
Fax +81-49-268-7780
Opening Hours 9:00-22:00
Transport *train / Tsuruse station and Mizuhodai station on the Tobutojo line from Ikebukuro (Local express ,29-minutes),and taking a taxi from east exit(8-minutes),or getting a bus(stop[Fujimi city hall],10-minutes.

Main Productions of Season April 2010- March 2011
[Theatre] The Lessons for Yourselves
Writer: Kunio Shimizu   Director: Junnosuke Tada (Artistic director of CCFC)
Date: October 18-23, 2011

This is a production directed by Junnosuke Tada by which he aims at making his first repertory of CCFC.
The play was written in 1970 by Kunio Shimizu. The playwright introduced an interesting setting into his play that was that three amnesiacs had strayed into the stage of a municipal theatre. Before long two patronizing characters turned up on the stage and compelled the amnesiacs to play fictive relationships as a family. They believed amnesiacs are their family. This was the lesson for them to get memories of the family back to themselves.
In original setting by Shimizu, the audience should observe what happen on the stage from their seating in the auditorium. Inspired by the meta-theatrical concept in the original play, Junnosuke decided to put the audience on the upstage and make the performance by actors going on downstage. So the audience would find this roll playing performance by the characters as if this is the lesson for audience themselves.

[Theatre] The Chorus No. 58
Writer & director: Yutaka Tanoue (Associate Artist)
Date: September 21-24, 2011

Yutaka Tanoue writes a play based on what were happening to his generation in Kumamoto city in Kyusyu Island where Tanoue was born and brought up. The story spans for 5 years from 1995 to 2000 that was the period in which Tanoue's generation was in their teenage.
The story doesn't make a linier structure. It consisted of random memories in that particular period of Japan after the bubble economy was burst.

[Theatre+Dance] Moga! The Remembrance is More or Less Conjecture
Director and choreographer: Momoko Shiraga (Associate Artist)
Date: August 26-27, 2011

Momoko Shiraga, young choreographer and dancer, had made series of backstage tour with fantastic performances in CCFC since three years ago. This season Shiraga transforms the style of her backstage tour into full length touring performance, Moga! The Remembrance is More or Less Conjecture. In Moga!, the audience can join a journey to spots and spaces of CCFC in which performances are going on, as though they are traveling over remembrances in someone's brain.     

[Theatre] Series of Reading of AI Nagai's plays
Writer & director: Ai Nagai (Associate Artist)

Ai Nagai is one of most popular dramatists in Japan. She won many first-rate awards including Kishida and Chikamatsu awards. She already presented her latest play, the Single Mothers, in CCFC in this April.
Ai Nagai has also started working with local people in Fujimi city. Latest her work with locals was to presenting one of her past plays as a text reading in public. She is planning another text reading in December this year.
For the next season, CCFC is planning to produce Ai Nagai's new play with four other co-producers. They are subsidized theatres in Tokyo, Toyohashi, Kitakyusyu and Takamatsu.

Invitation program from abroad

-Circus (Belgium)
Cirque Vivant!
By le Carré Curieux
Date: February 11, 2012

-Dance (France)
Les Corbeaux
Choreographed by Josef Nadj
Date: March 9-10, 2012

-Theatre (South Korea)
Art Stage SAN
Dallae's Story
Date: March 17, 2012